Gold Ring

by Fidelma Massey

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  • Monthly Payment: €866.67
  • artist: Fidelma Massey
  • title: Gold Ring
  • medium: Bronze
    Edition of 9
  • size: 26cm x 27cm x 16cm
  • price: €2600
  • This is one of a series of works to do with the marriage of the Sun and the Moon. Itís about the balance and harmony of opposites. The Sun symbolizes all the supposedly 'masculine' qualities, he is extrovert, active, fiery, yang . The Moon symbolizes the supposedly 'female' qualities, she is introverted, silent , watery , yin. His eyes are open, looking at the outside world and in particular her, the Moon, she has her eyes closed, looking inwards and receiving his gaze. They hold a golden circle between them, for completion and eternity. This is also a reference both to a wedding ring, and to their circular orbits. With acknowledgements to Dr Jung.

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