Sandwich Squat Puppet Show

by David Ryan

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  • Monthly Payment: €900.00
  • artist: David Ryan
  • title: Sandwich Squat Puppet Show
  • medium: Acrylic on Board
    Framed Size: 65 x 93 cm
  • size: 66cm x 88cm
  • price: €2700
  • "Sandwich squat was opened close to Pearse st. Dart station during 2019. The occupants permitted me to use the upstairs loft to finish the large painting of the Belgrade barracks, which I had been doing the evening I took this photograph. Very early one morning, after Christmas, some builders decided to knock a wall into a back garden on the premises, and after being confronted by the residents, rang the gardai and must have told them some tall stories, as the armed response unit soon turned up with guns drawn. Two arrests were made on suspicion, then no charges and released shortly after. This event was hilarious, featuring a highly talented and gifted friend of mine, a regular performer at Glastonbury, and her also highly talented and gifted friend visiting from Canada." David Ryan

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