Site Map for Kids Den

by David Ryan

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  • Monthly Payment: €900.00
  • artist: David Ryan
  • title: Site Map for Kids Den
  • medium: Acrylic on Board
    Framed Size: 65 x 81 cm
  • size: 60cm x 76cm
  • price: €2700
  • "Of the many parents that frequently did gardening or DIY at Grangegorman, some of their kids ended up building a den in this corner. The witch-school massive text is a homage to graffiti in a cubicle in the toilet of La Cateral Studios, where an anarchy symbol had been comically altered. Just on the other side of the wall, was where one mother had her germination pods for various wild flowers and vegetables suitable for the time of year. Beyond that was the entrance into the Birdcage, so-called for another piece of graffiti, seen in the following work ‘Rose, Petra & Myself’." David Ryan

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