Story-telling Night

by David Ryan

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  • Monthly Payment: €900.00
  • artist: David Ryan
  • title: Story-telling Night
  • medium: Acrylic on Board
    Framed Size: 66 x 86 cm
  • size: 61cm x 81cm
  • price: SOLD
  • "The set scene before story-telling. The portacabin arrived on site when the place had at one point been taken over by private contractors. It was on top of this one sunny summer afternoon where Christy and the gasbottle, Almi, myself and several others sat in said painting. The contractors held the space for a day until we barricaded them inside, from the street. The gardai had not enough manpower so had no option but to give in to our basic demand: all contractors out, us back in. " David Ryan

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