The Ram Bishop

by Fidelma Massey

  • Artwork Price:
  • Payment Term:
  • Monthly Payment: €500.00
  • artist: Fidelma Massey
  • title: The Ram Bishop
  • medium: Ceramic
  • size: 70cm x 24cm x 27cm
  • price: €1500
  • He is one a of a pair of ceramic pieces which are ( very loosely ) based on the sculptures of saints that are found on Gothic cathedrals like Chartres or Notre Dame. But they ( 'The Ram Bishop' and 'The Blessed Sheep Agnes') , are a kind of joke as well. They are not only saints but sheep, note his ram's horns, which were suggested by the shape of a bishop's crozier . He holds a book marked 'Psalm 22', ( 'The Lord is my Shepherd' of course..... ) His feet are cloven, which may (or may not ) be taken as significant......Some people think he is devilish, but he was not intended to be, though perhaps he should be........

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