The Wolf Trolly

by David Ryan

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  • Monthly Payment: €900.00
  • artist: David Ryan
  • title: The Wolf Trolly
  • medium: Acrylic on Board
    Framed Size: 65 x 93 cm
  • size: 88cm x 66cm
  • price: €2700
  • "My friend Dylan built the wolf from an old sofa and shopping trolly, for one of the performances during an event, seen here in the back-round. The eyes lit up red and the mouth opened wide, revealing a full set of sharp teeth and a floppy tongue. The event was brilliant, even aerial performers rigged from the rafters. Here strong winds had blown in some hay from a large pile at the entrance. The hay was being used with horse dung and soil for raised beds that would stay warm through winter, which various contractors happily dropped off as they would have to go outside the city to rid themselves of their waste products. " David Ryan

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