Theatre is of equal importance to practicallity

by David Ryan

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  • Monthly Payment: €900.00
  • artist: David Ryan
  • title: Theatre is of equal importance to practicallity
  • medium: Acrylic on Board
    Framed Size: 66 x 86 cm
  • size: 60cm x 81cm
  • price: €2700
  • "This is right outside the gate seen being welded. In the lead up to the first injunction against grangegorman there was a flurry of mostly aimless, sometimes comical activity in barricading and stockpiling. In contrast, an old-timer squatter and a good friend of mine achieved two things that day, that ultimately could have been the main deciding factors in holding the space. They amassed a large group of bodies and tugged the monstrous 10foot plywood robot from a warehouse, and onto a ramp, up to a platform a further 9feet high, leaving it peering over the wall onto Grangegorman lower. It was a somewhat dangerous task, that took many people considerable time, and that had no clear practical purpose whatsoever. They also placed a mountable telegraph pole over the vehicle entry gate, which would in theory prevent the police from making arrests internally. Internal arrests would require much less manpower than a breach through those protesting outside the gate, which would typically be far greater in number. These two acts, depicted in this work, indicate to me the title of same." David Ryan

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