Kim Langford

Kim  Langford

Kim Langford

"I studied fine art continuing by specializing in theatre and 3-D design at Suffolk University, Ipswich, England.

I later gained a PGCE teaching qualification and taught art for many years. But now I concentrate on my painting.

I strive to continuously develop as an artist. I take opportunities to work in a variety of media including ceramics; theatre set design, and print making. My passion is for colours and textures  which is why I love using oil on canvas. Colour is often my starting point, my inspiration for a painting.

I am inspired by nature and have been influenced by holidays, particularly visiting the coast with its massive seascapes and colourful fishing boats.

 My subject matter is predominately still life and landscapes, often including figures to create a story. My aim in painting is to inspire a feeling of wellbeing and happiness in the viewer, to try to invoke a feeling of calm. I wish to create art which helps the viewer remember holidays and days out. To be lost in memories .

. I travelled in the East for a year, mostly in China and India. Later travels to the East including Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and Laos have only enhanced my fascination with eastern culture.

I exhibit in London and also l in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England " Kim Langford

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