Sergey Talichkin

Sergey  Talichkin

Sergey Talichkin

Sergey Talichkin is a graduate of Fine Arts from The Precarpathian University in the Ukraine. His work has featured in several exhibitions in Ukraine before he moved to Ireland.

Based in Dun Laoghaire, he works predominantly in oils, experimenting in a diverse range of styles. His inspiration comes from the magnificence and mystery of nature and mythology, from his birthplace at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains at the heart of Europe, to the starkly beautiful Skellig Micheál off the coast of Kerry, where Europe gives way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Ten years ago Sergey Talichkin launched his first Irish solo show, 'Mindscaping' at Dalkey Castle Heritage Centre.

Since then his work has frequently been purchased at the 'Contemporary Paintings and Prints Sale' at James Adam & Sons Ltd. and his exhibitions have been critically acclaimed, his last solo exhibition took place at The Little Museum in 2014.


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