A Room of One's Own

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A Room of One's Own

Virgina Wolfe remarked that in order for a woman to write she must have two things  “a room of one’s own and a secure living”.

Her style is painterly. She uses the palette knife and lots of buttery paint to describe scenes of eccentric chairs and colourful rooms. Her work is known for it’s use of strong clear colour and a sense of light.

Róisin has been exploring this theme in both her life and her work over the last two years. Her current exhibition is an expression of how she has navigated these two basic needs.
The paintings reflect the home in which she lives with her children and the warmth, fun and imperfect character that ‘home’ suggests. The quietness, light and sense of calm in her paintings reflect the space that Róisín has carved out of her life, both figuratively and practically, for her work.

A Room of One's Own


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