Iwona Nartowska O'Reilly 'Celtic Legends'

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Iwona Nartowska O'Reilly 'Celtic Legends'

Celtic Legend

"This series of paintings is my interpretation of some of the Celtic mythological stories. It’s a result of my lifetime attraction to legends and mythology, which in recent years has experienced rebirth, perhaps primarily due to my reading bedtime stories to my daughters.

The idea of depicting Irish legends had been ruminating around in my head for some time, fuelled further by an abundance of traditional festivals and an awakening in Irish folklore.

I believe that the last 15 years spent living in Ireland has helped me to understand and portray the spiritual and mystical meaning in the stories. I tried to get the feel of the depicted characters and scenes and ground them in the present maintaining continuity and relevance.

The encaustic medium used for creating these art pieces carries a deeper meaning for me in this instant: It is as timeless as the legends it depicts." Iwona Nartowska O'Reilly

Iwona Nartowska O'Reilly 'Celtic Legends'


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