Adam Pomeroy - Nocturne

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Adam Pomeroy - Nocturne



An exhibition of new paintings by Adam Pomeroy


March 1st – 22nd


The Doorway Gallery, 24 South Frederick St, Dublin 2.




The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exclusive show by Adam Pomeroy entitled Nocturne”. The show will officially be opened by James O'Halloran, Adams Auctioneers, on Thursday March 1st

Between 6 -7.30pm, at No. 24 South Frederick St, and is scheduled to run until March 22nd.



“Born in Norfolk, England, in 1979, I moved to Clare in 1999 and started painting professionally in 2001. As a photorealistic Artist, my work is focused on still life and figure painting. From my own perspective, the subject matter of a painting is less important than its treatment, but my practice is rooted to direct observation.


My current work is concerned with minimalist realism, paring down representation to the essential, without sacrificing the integrity of the subject. ‘Nocturne’, is as much about what is not painted, as what is painted. The subjects here are mere flickers of light, like the perception of ghosts. The intention is that the beholder’s eye will unconsciously supply what cannot be seen, giving the subject a perceived solidity that is illusory. “ Adam Pomeroy


Adams paintings portray an overt sense of spirituality, and he has the unique knack of touching raw nerve ends.  His work delivers a lovely sense of sensuality, with the light handling of paint/tonalities.  At the risk of going off the deep end, the reproduced image has a sense of rose madder in the underpainting giving warmth and structure to the whole. Adam’s work contains real sincerity which hits you between the eyes.” Rod Thomas

Associate Professor








Date: Thursday 1st March

Time: 6-7.30pm

Special Guest Speaker: James O'Halloran, Adams Auctioneers

Refreshments Served


Gallery opening Hours:


Monday – Saturday 10.30-6pm



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Adam Pomeroy - Nocturne


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